How do I get a library card?

Applying for Your Library Borrower's Card

When applying for your free library card (Check Eligibility), please have with you:

(For those who are not eligible for a free library borrower's card, Subscription Library Cards can be purchased for just $25.00 a year)

(1) a form of verifiable identification, preferably a valid driver's license, or other photo ID, and

(2) some correspondence that has been sent through the mail within the last 4 weeks, with your name and current address on it (even junk mail will do).

If your ID is not expired and has your current home address on it, it can be used for both ID AND proof of address.

Once we've filled out your library card application, we'll take your picture, process the application, and then the library card will be mailed to you to further verify your current address. You may take books or, or use the computers for free until you have received your library card in the mail. It usually takes between 3-5 days.

Having Your Photo Taken

Our library cards are photo ID cards.  Be prepared for you or your child's photo (if you are applying for a card for them) to be taken when applying for the card. (The library does not keep or archive any of the library card photos we take.)

If you've already had a library card with us but have lost it please check out How to Replace a Lost Library Card for more information.

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