Book Borrowing Policies and Guidelines

Circulation / Borrowing Guidelines

Below you'll find our rules, guidelines, and/or policies regarding borrowing books from our library. Please be certain to view these guidelines in order to familiarize yourself with our circulation policies. If you have any questionsgive us a call at (732) 774-4221.

Borrowing Restrictions

A total of 25 books may be checked out on your library account at one time (up to 10 per checkout session). The following restrictions also apply:

  • No more than books by any one author are allowed to be checked out at a time;
  • No more than 3 oversize books may be checked out at one time;
  • And, no more than 3 books on the same specific subject matter can be checked out at a time.

Renewing Books to Keep them Longer and Extend Their Due Date

You may renew books:

  • in person;
  • over the telephone at (732) 774-4221;
  • via e-mail  (please use something similar to "Renew my books" in the subject line;
  • or through the library's online catalog (Your library barcode number and pin number are required. If you have forgotten your PIN please contact the library).

You can renew books up to 2 times before having to return them to the library. Please try to renew your books prior to their due date to avoid paying late fees.

BOOKS THAT ARE OVERDUE CANNOT BE RENEWED ONLINE!  If you are using the online catalog, you must renew your books BEFORE the due date.  (The catalog will not process renewals put in after the date the book is due and you will be assessed late fees.)

In addition, books on reserve or "hold" may not be renewed. You can, however, have your name placed back on the reserve list to be notified when the book becomes available again.

Overdue and Lost Books


Fines, or daily charges for books, magazines, and other items borrowed from the library but not renewed or returned on time are $.10 (ten-cents) per day, per book for both Adult and Junior Library patrons.

Damaged Items

Patrons are responsible for returning items in the condition in which they were borrowed. If books are returned damaged (liquid/water-stained, written in, pages torn out, missing cover or dust-jacket, etc.) you will be charged the cost of repairing the item. If the item is deemed damaged beyond repair, you will be charged the cost of replacing the item plus any applicable processing fees.

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices will be sent to patrons approximately one week after the item is due. A second notice will be sent one week after the first notice if the item has not yet been returned. If the item is still not returned, the patron is then billed the cost of the item(s), and any other applicable replacement costs. If the patron still fails to return the item and/or pay the replacement costs, the proper steps will be taken to ensure receipt of payment. This may include municipal action.

Lost Books

Lost books should be reported promptly since fines continue to accrue until the library is notified of the loss. Patrons will be billed for the lost item. If the cost of replacing the book is greater than its original cost, because of price increases or because it has gone out-of-print, the library reserves the right to bill the borrower for that additional cost. A processing fee may be applicable.

Unreturned Books

Borrowers who fail to return and/or pay for lost or overdue materials a month or more after the due date are subject to being referred to a collection agency for action. Upon such referral all overdue items become subject to an additional $10.00 per item repossession fee. If court action is necessary, the patron is also liable for the library's court and attorney costs.

Patrons are not permitted to provide replacement copies of lost or damaged items in lieu of paying the applicable replacement cost. In the event that a patron disputes any of the fines or fees which have been assessed by the library, the matter will be referred to the Library Director who shall have the authority to waive all or part of the patron's fines, depending on the circumstances of a given situation.

In the event that a patron disagrees with the determination made by the Director, he/she shall have the option of referring the matter to the Library Board of Trustees for further consideration before court action is taken.

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